May 18 podcast

podcast logo   “I was so blessed to read the story of Anna Marie Jarvis.  She was a hero in her community and certainly an example of godly womanhood in action.  She was willing to put her faith into practice, doing what she could at that point in history to make the lives of her children better..…..But I do believe there are also heroes today.  The woman who lovingly places her baby into the arms of a mother who cannot bare her own, she is a hero.” Listen as I share the story of my own adoption in this weeks’s podcast entitled “A Mother’s Day Tribute to My Birth Mother.”

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    I listened to this while nursing my precious baby, #3, and finally a girl. 🙂 Since I, too, had an unplanned pregnancy but ended up getting married and experiencing God’s tremendous grace and mercy on my life, this podcast really resonated with me. I wiped tears away as I listened. Thanks again.

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    I am glad this blessed you.

    I hope I have many more opportunitites to let young moms know that making an adoption plan for their babies is noble and praiseworthy. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for my birth mother but I thank God that she chose life.

    You know, I have met several people who have real issues with adoption and it breaks my heart. When I worked in a crisis pregnancy center, over and over again I saw young teens trying to parent but they just were unable to get it together. What saddens me the most is that a second generation of young girls are making the same choices.

    I pray that my life can be a picture of God’s grace, as yours is, Julie. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Juliene Herr says

    Karen, A few days ago I was able to listen to the last 3 podcasts while walking. What a blessing they were! I so enjoyed Joy’s down to earth comments-I’m sure they are going to be a blessing to many! As for the Mother’s Day podcast, I cannot think of a greater hero than birth mothers! What courage, what wisdom, what a selfless act-may the Lord bless them! Juliene

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    It was so great to see you at the recital! When I talked with Mollie about our day, the first thing she asked was about your boys and how they did!

    And I agree with your assessment of birth moms. One of these days I am going to have a podcast interview with some birth mothers and i think it will be really inspirational.

  5. Juliene Herr says

    Karen, That would be a wonderful idea! I would love to know their feelings, what encouraged them in their decision, what things were discouraging to them. Please tell Mollie Hi for us and tell her that the boys still miss her!!!

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    I just discovered this old post. Great story! My former violin teacher (and current friend and orchestra colleague) was also adopted, and the world would be a much poorer place without her. The opposition to adoption was therefore one of my beefs with certain patriarchal groups. In addition to seeming a cruel and dismissive position, it ignored the reality of so many adoptions. Thanks for sharing.


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