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podcast logo   “You see, Jesus set the tone for all of us regarding the importance of children in His kingdom, in His order of life….Another time I made the mistake of winking at a little boy sitting across the aisle from me during worhsip.  He smiled at me and tried to wink back but his father intervened and grabbed the inside of the little boy’s thigh, pinching it….What if that had been the little boy’s mother?  Would the father thought it alright to exact a similar punishment on her, squeezing her thigh, causing enough pain that it would bring her to tears?”   Listen here for this week’s podcast entitled One Anothering Mothering, Part One.

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    Thanks for the kind words… you are right, my son is the spitting image of not only me, but also my dad and HIS dad! It’s like some genes are so strong they seem to spontaneously generate with no input from the other whole parent… ha ha. At least we have one daughter who looks exactly like my husband. I’m afraid my genes are dominant in the rest though. (Take THAT, hyperpatriarchalists. LOL.) – anyway, take care.


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