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Podcast Logo The final speaker for the Treasures of a Mother’s Heart Day of Encouragement for Homeschooling Moms was me. My presentation discusses the difference between the Christian woman’s eternal purpose, her individual callings in life, and her ever-changing roles. Listen here for part one of Mom on a Mission.

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    This afternoon, the podcast button caught my attention, and for a moment, I excitedly thought maybe you had posted part II already. Then I noticed that I was the only person to comment on this podcast.

    Well, despite all the distractions created by some of the negativivity that has appeared on this site here of late, I’m saddened to think that this may have detracted from well-deserved attention to this most excellent podcast.

    This was so moving and beautiful. So here’s an additional cheer.

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    Thanks, Cindy. It was hard for me not to include part two, also, since you really need it to complete the whole thought!

    I look forward to your feedback on “calling” and “role.”


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