"man is so inhumane to man because man is so unrelated to God"

Our local newspaper has been full of news reports of an infant who was strapped to his car seat and starved to death, dying in his own excrement. Thankfully our state’s attorney is doing all within his power to get a 1st degree murder charge brought against the parents who committed such an act.

The other day I also read the thoughts of a pediatric nurse who is struggling with the “whys” of babies who are born to drug addicts. She shared, so transparently, how it has affected her very faith.

This week Tulip Girl also reminded us of the fruits of bad parenting when she remembered the tragic death two years ago of little Sean Paddock at the hands of foster parents whose trial begins in a couple months. TulipGirl summed it up when she said “well-intentioned abuse is still abuse.” Puts a lot into perspective doesn’t it?

Finally, last weekend, Bradley University basketball player Daniel Ruffin was arrested for domestic battery and served an order of protection for attempting to strangle his ex-girlfriend. Initially he was suspended from the team but, being a senior and all and with the big game coming up, the school changed its mind and reinstated him. As often happens, the girlfriend wanted to drop the charges, but in this case, it came after she received much negative attention through phone calls and text messages. States attorney Kevin Lyons insightfully stated: “The interest in the victim’s expression that she would like it all to end is not only typical, but understandable when magnified against the glare of 10,000 lovers of basketball who many have other motives for a different outcome than mere ends of justice.”

I have to ask myself what sort of message is the university sending to the women where I live? I guess being able to play basketball is more important than the safety of women.

Why do these things happen? Man is so inhumane to man because man is so unrelated to God.

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    Man is capable of such things because he is so unrelated to God, and it strikes me that he is alienated from others with whom he shares a common bond — those created in God’s image. We are all a part of the main and the bell tolls for us.

    But for grace…

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    What does it mean when we do not care about justice? Do people not realize that God is perfect Justice and that means we all deserve hell?

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