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Now that summer will be officially arriving in a few days, I know that hot weather is also on the way. Not that we haven’t already had a few air-conditioned days, but typically central Illinois will quickly go from lovely June days and evenings to humid, sticky, muggy weather, 24/7.

We fired up the grill a few weeks ago and have been eating on the deck, my mini-garden in the middle of a yard whose grassy loveliness is a ruse for the terrible soil you cannot see. Years ago previous owners buried both garbage and coal clinkers all over the backyard making gardening here nearly impossible. So now I garden in pots and the upper part of the deck is my mini-oasis, so much so that when my son called from Hawaii yesterday, where he and his wife are celebrating their anniversary, I wasn’t even that jealous!

Here are a couple recipes I made over the weekend and served to Clay during an al fresco luncheon. (Anne of Green Gables fans ought to get that reference!)

Summer Sandwich

Italian bread, sliced in half and toasted

Muenster cheese slices

deli ham slices (I usually get whatever is on sale in our local Hy-Vee but I like hickory smoked the best)

tomato slices

stalks of fresh asparagus (canned will do)

fresh minced garlic

coarse salt

olive oil

In pan, heat small amount of olive oil and add garlic and asparagus. Saute until lightly browned. Sprinkle with salt to taste. Remove from heat. Toast bread and then layer ham, cheese, tomatoes, and asparagus. Drizzle oil and garlic from pan on sandwich. Serve and enjoy.

Strawberry Lemonade (this is the super-easy kind and was just as delicious as the made-from-scratch variety)

1 2-liter bottle of Minute Maid lemonade

1 quart container frozen strawberries in syrup

Place slightly thawed strawberries in pitcher and cover with lemonade. Chill in fridge until strawberries can be easily separated. Mix well, breaking berries into smaller pieces and serve in chilled glasses.

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    YUM! Have you thought of square foot gardening? You don’t use any of the native soil and you can adapt the boxes for your deck. I grow all my veggies that way and can get TONS of yield out of a very small space. Our soils is lousy here, too, just because it’s the dry, arid, rocky West.

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    Julie, my dad used to have a square foot garden and it really was a great way to have high yields. I have a goal for my back yard. We have an old foundation where a garage had been and my plan is to turn it into a square foot garden spot. It is on the to-do list!

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    Ben is my photographer and I have it on it right now! I keep saying the same thing every time we have supper on it….”Don’t you just feel like a fiesta?”

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