frozen summer refreshment

So I tried one of those delicious fruit slushies at Taco Bell and decided to make my own. Here is the result.

Frozen Strawberry Mango Coolers

Take one large bottle of V-8 Mango Peach juice and one 32 oz. carton of frozen strawberries, slightly thawed. Mix and freeze.

Here is another recipe I have shared before but it seemed like time to bring it out again.

Mollie’s Wedding Fruit Slush

3 mashed bananas
1 small can lemonade concentrate, prepared according to directions
1 small can orange juice concentrate, prepared according to directions
1 can crushed pineapple with juice
1 cup sugar
16 oz. package frozen strawberries (can use two of these if you want a stronger strawberry flavor)

Mix together and freeze.

I like to freeze these in the small plastic cups (about 5 oz.). I usually place them on a cookie sheet and cover with one sheet of foil. When they are solid, you can place them in large individual sandwich bags. So much more yummy than a regular old popsicle!

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