1. HoppyTheToad says

    Some of those against the Pearls used to use their methods. I am one. I’ve read their book and spent years reading their magazine. The fruit of their methods was not good. It set us up in adversarial relationship. Their methods teach you to see your kids as the enemy. They promote a standard of perfect obedience without mercy. I am glad Jesus doesn’t treat me that way. Their methods lead kids to seeing God as a tyrant and not a gentle shepherd that will slowly change us to be like him.

  2. Laura says

    Yes! That sums it up perfectly- adversarial!That is the essence of their and similar methods.God means to lead us, not drive us…it makes me sick to see otherwise discerning Christians buying into this.

  3. says

    Nic, I would encourage you to type Michael Pearl into the search box at the top of this blog and check out the many links I have provided for information about your concerns as well as many related articles regarding the Pearls and their teaching.

  4. Don Bowers says

    That is not his response to those greatly grieved over Lydia’s death. That is his response to the people seeking to place the blame for for that heinous crime on him.

    I would love to see an ACCURATE and UNBIASED report on Michael Pearl stating the facts. Completely filtered of any doctrinal point of view (or lack thereof) or emotions.

  5. says

    Mr. Bowers,

    First of all, I would really hate to know anyone devoid of an emotional response to the beating death of a precious little child. And I am not sure what something looks like if it written free of any theological perspective. How is that even possible.

    I would encourage you to read and research the many, many resources I have provided as well as the many links.

    I never quite understand why anyone would want to defend this man or his practices. Amazing.

  6. Kenneth says

    I’m a Daddy of 10 kids. We have a blast together. We ride horses, shoot coyotes, and do crazy stuff like putting a movie camera on a kite with half a mile of string. My kids love me like their best friend, and I feel the same about them. Our home is fun, peaceful and me and my wife never fight. All the credit goes to Jesus Christ and Mike Pearl who helped me understand the Scriptures on raising a family, including spanking.

  7. says

    I’m always a bit suspicious of anyone who says that their spouse and they never fight. My first reaction is that the husband has so stiffled disagreement by his wife –“I’m the boss and what I say goes so don’t even think of arguing with me” — that she dare not speak up. NO ONE gets along so perfectly that they never have a disagreement. Such a relationship saddens and angers me. Sad for the wife, angry at the husband.

    I may be overreacting, but I smell extreme patriarchy with shades of Vision Forum thrown in for good measure.

  8. Ron Leedy says

    About the only thing I “like” so far in what I’ve seen of your website is that you suggest people ought to read more about Michael Pearl. And if you only see Jesus as a sort of all embracing “gentle shepherd” then you’re ignoring more than half of the Scriptures. God (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) MUST be understood as adversarial. Whole nations were disposed of in Old Testament accounts. Nine kings and their peoples were wiped out just so God’s people could live where God wanted them to live. Even God’s own people were battered and bruised for God to further His own purposes, which, by the way, were for the ultimate good of His faithful followers and for His own glory. Seems to me that Michael Pearl is way more on the mark than you are. And I have to ask myself, what is the spirit behind someone who will invest all the work and time to create a website that only exists to be AGAINST someone who is ostensibly serving the Lord.

  9. says

    To Mr. Leedy:
    1. Redemptive history is certainly not adversarial.While Yahweh did destroy large groups of people it was much more than, “so God’s people could live where God wanted them to.” That would make his judgment very capricious, don’t you think? His judgment was against the gross sin of these people groups.
    2. As I have previously suggested, when individuals resort to ad homineum abusive arguments (:what is the spirit behind someone”) it’s often because they are unable to formulate well reasoned arguments.

  10. Jean Lash says

    Mike Pearl’s teaching and books have helped me tremendously. I have 3 grown children – all trained under his priciples — which aren’t his, by the way, THEY ARE GOD’S. I get NOTHING but compliments on my successful 3. Training is hard work. I have 3 more to train. Some parents get crazy and out of control. This is not the Bible teaching – NOR Mike’s teaching. Get real folks. When you lose control – walk out of the room!
    Come back when you are IN CONTROL. God will not be mocked. His ways are ALWAYS RIGHT.

  11. says

    Yes, God’s ways are always right. Unfortunately fallen human beings all to frequently err because they think they have infallibly determined what his ways are in every circumstance. To assert so adamantly that Michael Pearl’s principles are not his but God’s borders dangerously on the precipice of attributing divine knowledge to him. Throughout history men have misinterpreted scripture while pronouncing “thus sayeth the Lord” and their followers will rale against those who dare raise questions.

    Success can be subjective, you know. What I might regard as children who are well-adjusted, well-disciplined, and well-grounded in scripture may differ significantly from someone else.

    Walking out of the room is good advice; I fear there are too many parents who have taken the patriarchial teachings of the Pearl’s, Doug Phillips, etc. to an extreme, however.

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