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Here are some great links to share this week:

Sally Clarkson discusses what she is calling “advocate parenting.”

Tina Jobe writes a book review worth reading on Michael Pearl’s To Train Up a Child.

The boys and I watched the inspiring movie from 1944 called The Keys of the Kingdom. Interestingly, though the same words that make up the title are often used to strong arm believers when invoked by elders, the true “keys” of compassion, justice, honor, and servanthood are tenderly portrayed by Gregory Peck as the aging priest turned missionary to China.

We are working our way through the Road to Avonlea series on DVD and really enjoying it. I was initially hesitant to watch it, fearing it would spoil my good memories of the Anne of Green Gables series but have been pleasantly surprised at how much I love all the new characters. I especially love the wisdom of Aunt Hettie and the insights she has as the seasons progress. You will love these!

A few months ago, our pastor began preaching through the book of James. If you want to be inspired, listen to this amazing series. The teachings on the sin of partiality, as he has taught them, have filled in the missing puzzle pieces for me as I have been considering the doctrines behind much of the patriocentric movement. You will be blessed.

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    we too are enjoying the Road to Avonlea.. we have two more seasons to go… it has been a joy to watch the children grow into young adults in months time (for us)… we have lively discussions, and often do not agree on things… but always are thankful for the goodness and purity the show maintains 🙂
    wonderful series!


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