the wedding

The day before the wedding, friends and family began to arrive.

Grandchildren were the best part.

One thing about having lots of brothers, you have a steady supply of groomsmen. This group looks like trouble to me.

Ten children with kazoos

Official business

Smiling faces at the rehearsal dinner. Sal Sanzone came through with an amazing Italian feast followed by Mom’s homemade Cowboy Cookies and ice cream.

The big day finally arrives. The best man waits.

Wiggly cousins are offered $5.00 by Uncle Clayton to see who can go the longest without moving.

Making sure everyone looks dapper

More waiting…

And while we waited…

Handsome groom…

Beautiful bride…

More wedding photos and commentary upcoming……I will wait until my son-in-law is finished editing his professional ones!  I did leave the pictures large so you can click on each one for more detail.  I thought perhaps the ladies would like a closer look at this beautiful dress!

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  1. Kathy says

    So beautiful, Karen! I do love the gown, and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Can’t wait to see my daughter in hers (back to work…)!

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