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This Friday I will begin airing my podcast interview with Hillary McFarland, author of Quivering Daughters. Hillary and I spent a couple hours chatting a while back in anticipation of her book’s release and it was a time of fellowship and a time of much encouragement to me. Hillary loves the Lord and has such a heart for those who are struggling under the burden of spiritual abuse and I can’t wait for those of you who haven’t talked with her personally to hear her voice! As you listen, remember that her voice is also the voice of many many others. Please invite your friends and other homeschooling moms as well.

Since the Lord has placed on my heart the desire to encourage homeschooling moms, I am praying that those who hear this interview will be challenged to build good relationships with their daughters and sons and will truly examine their own hearts and lives. I have been so convicted myself in reading Hillary’s book and have been challenged in personal ways to be a better mom ever since I started reading her blog.

I am asking that anyone who supports the work that Hillary is doing to post a link to the podcasts with her along with a link to the entire series of podcasts on the patriarchy/patriocentricity movement if you are so inclined. I have discovered that word of mouth is the best way for this information to be shared. I trust that the Lord will continue to work in hearts.

Because I want to see this book get into the hands of as many homeschooling families as possible, I will be giving away a copy of Quivering Daughters each week during the podcasts with Hillary. To enter the contest to win one of these books, simply leave a comment on my blog on the podcast entry for that week. You are welcome to leave a comment each time and I will be drawing a winner each week on Friday evening. Knowing that this sensitive subject may call for someone to post anonymously, it is fine with me if you don’t share your real name. I will need a real e-mail, though, to contact you if you win and also a real snail mail address.

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  1. says

    I have just finished listening to many of your podcasts–I started taking notes about minute 2 of the first one! Great stuff. I will be posting more reading notes on Hillary’s book later this week. I am looking forward to your interviews with her!

  2. Jo says

    As an egalitarian homeschooling Mom, my children have not experienced this teaching of patriarchy, but I have seen it plenty and it breaks my heart. South-central Missouri is full of these large homeschooling families. Their patriarchal home churches are exploding as fast as the families. Good people trying to do right, but getting it all wrong. My daughter, recently graduated, has fallen for the sons of one of these, a sweet, soft-spoken, wonderful, missionary-minded young man. Still… You can imagine my concerns for her.

  3. says

    I’m not sure who still reads our blog anymore, but we’re reviving it for a little while as we examine the lives of godly women from the first millenium of the Church.

    I’ll write a post about your interview. I am so excited to hear what Hillary has to say. I really enjoyed her book.

  4. JC says

    Jo made an accurate observation “Good people trying to do right, but getting it all wrong.”

    A couple of years ago I listened to your first series on the subject. I’m working my way through your second series on it now. It hit home on so many things. I’m so glad that God and my husband walked me away from such thought. We are in a church now that is very family minded, but NOT fundamentalist (Greek Orthodox). Everytime I see myself doing something that is not wrong, but not something that I have done since early in my marriage, I feel a bit of elation that I’ve made another step away from the ditch I had fallen into. And my husband has enjoyed watching my freedom in Christ grow.

  5. says

    JC- my children and I were received into the Orthodox church this past Pascha- Greek Orthodox, if we’re getting specific. I know what you mean about the family-mindedness. There is something so organic and nurturing about the Orthodox church. It is hard for my children to stand for Divine Liturgy and they’ve been known to make a lot of noise during the services… but no one has ever batted an eyelash. In fact, I’ve been told by many that they’d rather have them in church making noise then not there at all. I’d love to know more about your journey if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Just drop me an email 🙂

  6. Heidi says

    I’ve been dying to read Hilary’s book. Coming from a Patriarchal/abusive family was terrifying. It’s comforting to know there are other girls out there who empathize with the hardships that come from trying to get out of a family who won’t let you go.

  7. Bethany says

    I really need one of these, but it’s so expensive! =( I’ve been suffering from my parents’ abuse for over 12 years, and I am so depressed over my fractured relationship with them and God. A friend told me about this book. I am so glad to hear a home school mom talking about this! I was home schooled, and NO ONE in the HS community will ever admit to parental abuse in their families.


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