new book on the patriarchy movement by Jon Zens just out!

In No Will of My Own, John Zens, author and apologist for genuine godly relationships within the body of Christ, has bravely taken on patriarchy, one of the most damaging and aberrant trends within the Church today. Comparing the research by Annie Imbens and Ineke Jonker in their 1992 book, Christianity & Incest, with the underlying teachings and attitudes of patriarchy, Zens makes a solid case for further examination and rejection of this movement. From the notion that the father is the center of the home thus the intermediary between God and his family to the belief that daughters should not attend college or even be allowed to leave home until “given in marriage,” Zens demonstrates that the attitudes that produce these ideas are what leads to physical, mental, verbal, spiritual and sexual abuse of both women and daughters. Having spoken with many women whose homes have been destroyed by these very teachings, many who have experienced horrendous abuse, I am so grateful that No Will of My Own has been written. I hope it convinces those who are just wading in the waters of these teachings to go back to shore and critically examine them in the light of Scripture! And I hope that validating its reality will also be the beginning of healing for the precious sisters who have tasted of its bitter waters.

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    Bought it on Amazon this afternoon. Amazon Prime means I’ll get it in two days!! I’ll be doing some reading next week!! Thanks for the info!!

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    Here’s what one sister said after reading NO WILL OF MY OWN:

    Hey Jon, Finished NO WILL OF MY OWN today…could not put it down for long! Just so you know…it was God’s timing…it pinpointed some deep stuff in me, even the title hooked something in me that was far beyond just an interesting book title. It spoke to me in the sound of my own voice. I was almost afraid to read it. By the way, your book is the key that has broken down the main stronghold I have been pressing against for decades! I re-read No Will of My Own tonight. There was a section I read the first time that impacted me, so I read the whole book again tonight to find where I read it…page 46….it was like a 2 x 4. This book has awakened me to deeply wired strongholds, Jon. I got glimmers in the first reading…my personhood and the will to rise above wherever I was got squashed out of me at a very early age. Then of course, the church — Worldwide Church of God — added a couple dozen more layers. Every time in my life I would start rising up, the evil one would drop some loser on my path, draw me in, and I would derail, wondering what hit me. The title was enough on its own to hook me, because it tells the whole story. The book has awakened me to the fact that my will is where the desires of my heart are based, and since God gives me the desires of my heart, then it is a godly matter for me to have preferences, make decisions, and do things very well because I just flat out want to. Jon, I think I have felt, just today, the tie-downs of my heart and soul being severed! Your book is wonderful! With great thanksgiving to the Lord! – Washington

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    Jon, I am so happy that you shared this wonderful story! What a blessing that just the title of your book as able to bring such healing!!!

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