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Me on Christmas, circa 1957!


Everyone has some in their family or among their co-workers who still wonders why anyone who is sane would chose to homeschool, after all, we have great schools that help our kids fit into the real world, right?  Here is an article you need to read and share with the skeptics.  I chronicled my own experience with just this sort of thing but, sadly, to many parents this isn’t this big of a deal. Why?

Sally Clarkson is speaking my own heart in a recent blog entry. I think we need to continue to talk about the importance of one anothering in all our family relationships and what this means! Go Sally!

Wade Burleson is blogging again and has written this amazing article on the changes he believes are occurring and need to happen for churches to be healthy today. Those who are interested in the family integrated church movement will be amazed at how his insights parallel with many of our concerns and I especially appreciate his emphasis on the ramifications for ignoring the new covenant. Clay and I have discussed this article every day since we read it….don’t skip this one!

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  1. Christine Rousselle says

    I’m the author of “Indoctrination Story.” Thank you so much for promoting it, and I’m glad you liked it!

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