some spring links!

So appreciated this response to Seth Godin’s recent thoughts on homeschooling. Good reminders for everyone, especially if we are tempted to fall into the trap of curriculum driven homeschooling.

My friend, Jill Novak, has written such an encouraging piece on “the perfect family.” Don’t miss it!

Wade Burleson has, once again, summed up the heart of the matter when it comes to spiritual abuse and why, I believe, so many are leaving the organized church.

If you have daughters and don’t want to be involved with the Girl Scouts who are sponsors of Planned Parenthood, you will want to check out this group. I just saw there is one starting in the Peoria area if you are local.

Sometimes I just want to scream and this is one of those times! Come on, breastfeeding in public akin to stripping? I don’t think so!!!!!

Clay and I saw this movie a few weeks ago and really appreciated so much of it, though we were disappointed that they spent so much time talking about her dementia rather than on things like her involvement in bringing down the Iron Curtain. I have long admired Margaret Thatcher and this little clip sums up why!

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  1. Rikki says

    Is that troop starting in Peoria AZ or Peoria IL? I’m in AZ and looking for a troop for next year when my daughter turns 5.

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