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As usual, this is a virtual potpourri of thought. And also as usual, I welcome any thought or comments you might have!


I was so happy to see this recording of the original radio program I heard that prompted me to desire homeschooling for my kids.  The Moores continue to be inspirational and encouraging for a new generation of homeschoolers! Please pass this one along.

For any visual learners among us, here is a handy resource for teaching theology!

Considering building a home library for this and future generations? Wondering where to start? Here are some great tips!

Did you ever watch a good movie and think “Wouldn’t this be a great study for my kids?” These folks are a step ahead of us.; this looks like a great resource.

Here are a bunch of fun ideas to keep your toddlers busy. Anyone need this?

If you haven’t been following this website on the Institute in Basic Life Principles and Bill Gothard, now might be a good time to check it out. Besides this article, I would encourage you to go back through the April archives.


Now I have a few articles on the topic of worship that I think will be enlightening. Michael Horton’s last paragraph is a doozie and, imho, belongs in church bulletins across this land!

Internet Monk takes on Doug Wilson’s perspectives on “feminine” worship.

Eric Pazdziora addresses worship in general and goes on to discuss this notion of feminine worship. Great, great thinking from Eric.

And finally Michael Horton hits it out of the park with this piece on muscular Christianity.

Finally and in case you missed it, I am sharing this fun video that has been making its way around homeschooling circles recently. Doesn’t the child in you long for this kind of day?

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  1. says

    “So enough with the beards (if it’s making a spiritual statement). Enough with the “federal husband” syndrome that goes beyond the legitimate spiritual leadership of the heads of households found in Scripture. Enough of the bravado that actually misunderstands—sometimes rather deeply—what real sanctification looks like in the lives of men as well as women. And why does every famous pastor today have to write a book about his marriage and family? Beyond Scripture, there is godly wisdom and Christian liberty. Biblical principles focus on what it means to live in Christ by his Word and Spirit, and even in those few passages that speak directly to men and women, there will be legitimate diversity in application.”

    Good article by prof. Horton.

  2. Laura says

    The Horton article is excellent. He makes a point that I have been trying to talk about for a while, that is, why do we define trivialization and sillification (my word) of the gospel as “feminization”? That would lead one to conclude that God has a superficial side since He says male and female are made “in His image”. I think not!

  3. Heather says

    With regard to the Moores home education resources: I was greatly influenced by their work in the early 80’s. I benefitted from their books on education, subscribed to the newsletter and attended a couple of conferences, too. I even talked with Dr. Moore by phone about an issue and found him to be very helpful and personable. I agree with the “better late than early” philosophy and I have seen it be successful with my own family.

    But, and there is always a “but”, is there not! The Moores approach to child discipline and health practices were not something that I found to be helpful. I had less of an issue with their diet principles, but I saw major problems with their breastfeediandante discipline (punishment) practices. I resolved not to use their products after I found they were selling Ezzo’s Preparation for Parenting. This was many years ago and at the time I contacted them and received a blunt email telling me that they had no problem with Ezzo’s approaches. Over the years I would check back to see if the the Moore Foundation catalog was still carrying these products. Even now they are selling “To Train Up A Child”. Perhaps they are not going to carry these books either, since they have limited quantities.

    It would be interesting to know if the the present staff at the foundation have disavowed the Ezzo and Pearl approaches to parenting?

  4. says

    Wow, Heather, I had no idea! I am SO glad you brought this up! It seems so opposite of the relationship building of their educational philosophy. I am going to check on this one.

  5. Heather says

    Please forgive the spelling mistakes in my post. “breastfeediandante discipline” should read “breastfeeding and discipline”.The iPad is a wonderful tool, but not always co-operative! Or it may be my typing!

  6. Laura says

    Well I thought that was maybe like “breastfeeding al dente”, which in cooking terms, might mean, “breastfeeding until just barely done”, or “firm to the tooth”, literally.

    Seriously, that would be a good summary of Ezzo in my opinion. Breastfeeding not enough and not really done!

    However, I do like pasta that way 🙂

    I am just teasing, but it’s funny how sometimes typos speak to the heart of something. I would be curious to see more on this connection with the Moores.

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