great links as we gear up for summer!

Lovely portrait for Clay and me drawn by our grandson, Henry!  Think I need to lay off those bad carbs!

I have some great links this week so enjoy!

 “If people were less fearful of the community outside their family and congregation and more engaged with it, there would be less likelihood of fads like this patriarchy movement gaining traction. Increased exposure to Reformation principles and the social history of the church would no doubt help as well, but in the meantime, a handy strategy would be to get to know your neighbours better. The fearsome spectres conjured up from contemporary social ills to persuade well-meaning parents to beat their babies and convince husbands to tyrannise their wives really don’t deserve the attention they’re getting. Society at large would react with outrage if a care home treated its children the way that some people are advising Christian parents to treat theirs, or if one colleague treated another the way some people are advising Christian husbands to treat their wives. For these things to be baptised as biblical, Christian, even Reformed is subversive of the bible, Christianity, and the Reformation – it should cause offence within the church as well as scandal in the wider world.”  Continue reading for a great perspective on the nuttiness of the patrirarchy/patriocentric movement from a lovely British woman. Seriously, this is good stuff!


Worthy of discussing with your teens as you explain to them the value of believers on dating other believers.


Good thoughts to ponder from Jon Zens on hierarchy within the church.
Good thoughts from Wade Burleson’s dad, Paul. Love these guys!


More insights from those coming out of Bill Gothard’s ATI program:


Fun surprise at the end of this video. I am not typically the go-to gal for sports stuff, but this is worth watching!


Now this is my kind of mom! Love the way she creatively deals with all the kid mess!


And, finally, be sure to watch all three wonderful segments of this story of a mama’s unconditional love and God’s grace. It is awesome!

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YouTube Preview Image


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  1. Susan T says

    Love the “rummage ransom box” – think it might still work for me… 😉

  2. says

    Thanks for the generous link! It’s quite a troubling topic and you have some very interesting material on this site!

  3. amanda says

    Oh, the videos are amazing! I am going to have my family watch them. How inspiring!

  4. says

    Susan, you know, I was thinking the same thing!

    Amanda, I love those, too. I looked up info about May and Lesley. She has passed away and her desire was for Lesley never to have to be institutionalized. He gives piano concerts every so often to support himself. Wouldn’t that be an amazing thing to see/hear?

    Cath, so happy to welcome you to my blog! Your article is amazing and I am certain will be passed around and forwarded a lot. Looking forward to more correspondence with you!

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