part four of the podcast series on the family integrated church movement

This week’s podcast concludes my discussion with Pastor Shawn Mathis.

Next week, please join me as I continue this series with the first part of my conversation with a former FIC pastor.

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  1. Anthea says

    Hello Karen

    This is (quite deliberately) nothing to do with the podcast. Over here we are still on the first page re home education, but our society is doing lots to make school a less and less attractive option. Here are two “I’m glad our children don’t go to school” stories:

    Translation: A levels are like high SAT scores, or the first year of college.

    Translation: You’re ‘aving a larf, mate! There was a drive by the previous govt for 8-6, now 8-8 !! Mr Cameron is v into his family, but apparently we oiks aren’t fit to spend time with ours, and should be out working to service middle-class needs and pay off the national debt. BTW middle-class in UK means upscale.

    We are having our lesson under the trees today, as there is a big yellow ball in the sky making its twice-yearly appearance. (You’ve been to England, so you’ll understand that.)


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