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This is so inspirational! We should never underestimate what God can do through a small group of people committed to the truth!


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I loved this mama‘s thoughts on serving your family by cleaning the house!


Great thoughts on the myth of cookie cutter spiritual leaders in the home!


More interesting thoughts on husband and wife relationships!


Is it ok for women to proclaim the Gospel message to men?


Do you follow the Breakpoint blog?  Great stuff here!


A new fashion magazine for real women has arrived on the scene. Check it out.


Mock Thanksgiving Dinner for those who aren’t interested in preparing the whole enchilada so to speak!


Thinking about holiday menu ideas?  Here is my favorite one of all time and I think it will be making a repeat performance soon!


Ever wonder how those professionals put on the Christmas tree lights? Here is the answer!


Here is one for my Christian Quirks file….yes I really have one!

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  1. kh says

    Oh wow! That’s about all I can think to say of that Baptism

    Anyway..I am going to be listening to the rest of the links. I have been listening to the ones from 2011 on Raising Boys and let me tell you..They are SO GOOD!! I have laughed and chuckled hard!! Thanks for being so real!

    I’m not finished with them yet but I love them.My guys are 25,23(he is engaged)17,and 14.I also have a 28 yr.old daughter and a 20 yr.old daughter. I could so relate when you both were talking about the way girls are today..the phone calls..the texting..Yikes!

    Are you finished homeschooling all your kids and are any still living at home? Hope you don’t mind me asking..

    I am so looking forward to hearing these links..Thanks again..~ Keri

  2. Granddad says

    The “Stylish Baptism”

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh. I do need to comment on two things:
    1. The baptisee didn’t go completely under…I guess it would have made her makeup run.
    2. The baptisor…well, you all know what I think about that. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there in cyberland. Remember, it is okay to be a glutton on Thanksgiving (I’m sure there is a scriptural reference somewhere.)

  3. says

    kh, we still have two boys at home and enjoy them immensely! The older one has learning disabilities which I believe are going to be a struggle all of his life and we intend for him to live with us as long as possible. The younger one is undecided about what he would like to do career wise but loves history and, along with my husband, is working on certification for troubleshooting and repairing computers.(new business venture as we move into retirement mode perhaps) It is fun, now, to see the grands homeschooling,too,m each family with different methods, curricula, philosophies, etc.

    Glad you are enjoying the podcast on boys. Shelly and I had a lot of fun talking about our sons that day. Her oldest is getting married in just a few weeks….to a girl who was also in my speech class. It has been so fun to watch the two of them as they take this next step……

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