Treasure’s retreat speaker Susan Ryan shares insights into trends in homeschool legislation.

Susan Ryan


This is part four of the podcast series of the 2012 Treasures of a Mother’s Heart Retreat where Susan Ryan, Illinois Homeschool PAC board member, discusses Illinois homeschooling freedoms and trends in home school legislation. Even if you live in another state, this is a very important discussion in light of President Obama’s comments in the 2013 State of the Union address regarding early childhood education. It is also especially timely for those of us in Illinois since the Senate Education committee is meeting this week to discuss lowering the mandatory age limit for enrolling in school from 7 to 5 years of age. Also. please take a moment and check out Senator Lightford’s declaration on her agenda for controlling homeschooling. It is chilling. And be sure to visit Susan at her blog Corn and Oil.

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    It’s disappointing to see how overly-confident I was about our legislators and our homeschool push-back effort back in 2011. Senator Lightford does not seem deterred by our efforts, even as she led that Hearing 2 years ago.

    Thanks to you and the others who organized that Retreat! I thoroughly enjoyed it and needed it. One good thing about tomorrow will be seeing the kindred spirits working to protect our families in this day and age of excessive legislation and control.


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