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“As homeschooling moms, we are participating in the most fruitful and productive way to teach and guide the next generation of believers. It matters little what kind of curriculum you use, how much you spend on books and resources, or how many activities you provide for your children. What matters is that you give them your time and energy, your openness and transparency, your love and commitment. As you build relationships with your children, you are building the Kingdom of God, one cookie, one Lego at a time!”

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  1. Anthea says

    Thank you for this. You seem to know exactly what I am thinking — from so far away! I was reminded of your slogan about “real encouragement’, and that exposing error or harm done to home educating mothers is part of that encouragement. You are right to offer that to us.

    However, this post is a reminder that home educating is not only a legitimate choice, but an enriching one. It is good for us to remind ourselves of the God News about home educating. We are able to offer our children a rich diet of experiences, undergirded by faith-filled values and academics which reflect our Saviour’s love of each person.

    Did you write this paragraph? It sounds like your style, or Sally Clarkson’s.

  2. says

    Anthea, one of these days we will meet! And yes this is something I wrote myself and lifted from a writing project I am working on.

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