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In his wonderful book Grace-Based Parenting, author Tim Kimmel notes that the first characteristic of grace-filled homes is that they allow children the freedom to be different. He says “Grace can’t be some abstract concept that you talk about in your home. It has to be a real-time action that ultimately imprints itself in your children’s hearts. To talk about grace, sing about grace, and have our children memorize verses about grace – but not give them specific gifts of grace – is to undermine God’s words of grace in their hearts. Grace means that God not only loves them but that He loves them uniquely and specially. The primary way to give our children grace is to offer it in place of our selfish preferences.”

As I read these words, I realize how often I have been loath to extend grace to my children and have allowed my own tastes and opinions to be presented to them as a holy standard, when the truth is that God’s Word is the standard we ought to be pointing toward.

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  1. says

    I’m excited about this series! I read Grace-based parenting last year. One of my favorite sections was about giving your children the grace to be different. It’s so hard to be in the homeschooling community and not fall into the lies of how we should all walk alike, talk alike, dress alike, etc.

    I actually thought about emailing you this quote from a book I just finished reading.
    I believe there is no greater enemy to vital life-breathing faith than on insisting on cultural sameness. When fear rules your theology, God is nowhere to be found in your paradigm, no matter how many Bible verses you tack onto it. I think as parents we would be more effective in our parenting if we leveled with our children, if we told them that some of our dearly held rules are not morally grounded but are made for our convenience. Rosario Butterfield, “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert”

    I was also very convicted about hypocrisy in parenting. Why do we expect them to do what we can’t do ourselves?

    (I hope to have time later to share my husband’s recent experience with Kevin Swanson with you.)

  2. Kris says

    I have just started reading Grace Based parenting. It’s an excellent book. I enjoyed listening to your podcast as well.

  3. Michelle G. says

    Nice quote Michelle! I dearly loved Butterfield’s book – just excellent. Thanks Karen for all of the great podcasts. I’m looking forward to this series and the Abigail Adams series as well : )

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