life is hard but God is good

“Paul reminded his beloved Thessalonians that he was willing to do spiritual battle on their behalf, assuring them that being a Christian is not easy. He was transparent with them as he shared his past experiences and painted no picture of a perfect Christian life. Just imagine Paul showing his scars to the wide-eyed believers, making sure they understood what embracing Christ could look like up close and personal!

“This is the model Scripture places before us. We must admit to our families as well as ourselves that life isn’t always perfect. I say admit because they already do have an awareness of this on some level as they observe us on a daily basis; they will fully understand it as they grow and mature and have families of their own! Paul wanted to be sure his students knew life was difficult and that boldness is required, even in the midst of our daily lives as believers. Sometimes all we can offer to our children is the truth that life is hard but that God is always good!” ~ The Joy of Relationship Homeschooling, Spring 2014

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