lawsuit filed against Doug Phillips on behalf of abused woman


A lawsuit was filed this morning on behalf of Lourdes Torres, the young woman Phillips’ claimed to have been in a relationship with for 7 years and which lead to the collapse of Vision Forum last October. David Gibbs, attorney for Torres, states ““In that patriarchal quiverfull culture, the ultimate and the highest ideal is then becoming married. What Doug did as the leader of the movement was take the ultimate ideal and perpetually promise that fraudulently to Lourdes to manipulate and control her to do things that she would otherwise not have done.” The entire article can be found here.

Read this and tell me that patriocentric teachings are not at the root of the whole sordid story!

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  1. No More Perfect says

    Lourdes is now a married woman! Thank God that she is able to move on and is being loved instead of shunned.

    Good for her in filing the lawsuit. Perhaps it will help expose the darker sides of patriarchy.

  2. Kris says

    It takes alot of courage for her to file this lawsuit! She will continue to need more courage facing DP in court and drawing from the Lord and those around her who love her. Definitely patriarchy is a part of this entire story! She will probably be able to help others because of going through this.

  3. Anthea says

    What a mess! And how many people besides Mr Farris knew that Mr Phillips was getting weirder in his views/behaviour?

    Re Phillips’ lawyer implying that it was not so bad since they didn’t have intercourse, has he not heard of emotional adultery? This was part of the DVD presentation at church on Sunday, by strange coincidence:

  4. says

    The thing that struck me about this was the thought that if Doug had followed his own advice and not allowed a young woman to work outside her own home — by making her a part of his — then this probably wouldn’t have happened. Interesting how easy it is to make arbitrary rules (“girls should never work outside their own home”) and then break them for convenience.

    God, may we follow You in living justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with You.


  5. says

    Here is a link to the actual document filed on Tuesday morning by Lourdes’ attorney, David Gibbs III.

    Please be warned that it is graphic, disgusting, and could be a trigger for anyone with sexual buss or assault in their past.

    I believe it was brilliantly crafted because it really shows how the teachings of patriarchy/patriocentricity lead to Lourdes’ inability to seek help. It also names names of many whose teachings I have questioned over the past years since I have been blogging. If anyone wants more information on the movement that is the incubator for this madness, these podcasts would be helpful:

  6. says

    Luke, yes so much hypocrisy within this entire movement. But then when you consider the hierarchal position that is central to it all, why not?

  7. Marcia says

    The Bill Clinton of the right-wing homeschooling camp. These incidents happen in many professions and situations, but this one is especially bad in that it gives Christian-bashers just cause to be critical.
    Maybe an essential part of the stay-at-home daughter curriculum should be a course on how to spot a creep and RUN, RUN, RUN! You hit the nail squarely on the head with “incubator for this madness.”
    Their church leadership needs some improvement, too:

  8. M. Joy says

    It’s laughable that Phillips refers to himself as a public figure in that KENS news clip. He WAY overestimates his sphere of influence.

  9. says

    I think it is going to be a shock to DP’s narcissistic system when he hits the courtroom and he’s not in control and people aren’t fawning all over him. I think he still thinks he can somehow worm his way out of this.

    I’m sure the prosecution will bring in some kind of mental health expert who will be asked questions at length about cults, mind control, etc.

    I would LOVE to be in the courtroom just to watch the faces of the jurors as they listen to this.

  10. Eliza says

    “I am trying to keep up with this stuff as is comes out. Here Doug and Beall Phillips speak to local press:

    So doug phillips says in response to these developments –if you watch the video you get the sense of the delivery
    “I think God wanted to draw us together and do something much bigger than us or our family’s story,” said Phillips.

    WOW – yes we are all praying that God will do something bigger with all of this like break down the lies and selfishness and the false teachings that have been touted as THE gospel by phillips and many others.

  11. zooey111 says

    I just have to say, that Sallie Borrinks’s post had me nodding my head in agreement. He really just doesn’t have a clue as to how to function without being surrounded by admirers & yes-men, does he?

  12. Alice Robertson says

    One wonders from where I am sitting why David Gibbs the lawyer for this young woman finds it monetarily advantageous to sue for $10 million, but his law firm considered accepting my daughter’s case of medical negligence against a doctor who let cancer spread in my daughter’s lymph system (proven) but realized it wasn’t worth endeavoring into. Yet, women feel vindicated that he is going to defend women? Really? Aren’t there abuse survivors in the IFB that have a problem with this particular law firm for who they defend? Be careful who you defend and hold up as a hero. If they were suing for no money or donating the money to victims of sexual predators I would see great gain…until then it’s purely monetary no matter how happy seeing Doug Phillip’s grovel makes others.

  13. says

    I will respond to your concerns about Mr. Gibbs in his own words and with his permission:

    “To be perfectly clear, Attorney David Gibbs III opposes child abuse in all forms and believes that organizations that do not vigorously screen their children’s works, maintain child protection policies, and report any suspicion of child abuse to the authorities are acting irresponsibility. David’s father, David Gibbs, Jr., is close to 70 years old, and continues from his retirement relocation to Ohio to be a King-James only traveling evangelist and non-practicing attorney like Doug Phillips was, and the organization he founded, the CLA: Christian Law Association, works with IFB (Independent Fundamental Baptist ministries that follow the Jack Hyles/Jack Schaap/Paul Chappell philosophy of ministry) churches in many child abuse situations. Many of these churches have added extra-biblical patriarchal philosophies into their teaching and practices. Embarrassingly to David, his father has stood with many child abusers in the IFB world over the years rather than publicly renouncing their sin. David’s father is of that old-school philosophy that tends to cover-up and hide as opposed to being transparent, open, and honest.

    Attorney Gibbs III disagrees with many of the positions, decisions, and recommendations that his father and CLA support as they spend donated church money to protect and cover-up the moral failings of sinful leaders. Attorney Gibbs III supports and promotes child protection and full ministry transparency and accountability. In David’s opinion, CLA and his father have been on the wrong side of these issues for a number of years. That is one of the many reasons why David Gibbs III cannot endorse and work alongside his aging father in ministry.

    As a Duke Law graduate, Attorney Gibbs III is admitted to practice law in eight states and the District of Columbia as well as the United States Supreme Court and a number of federal district and appeals courts nationwide. He has NO criminal record, and he and his wife have NEVER had any domestic dispute as falsely alleged in some unsubstantiated and slanderous posts. David and his wife will celebrate twenty-one years of marriage this July.”

    * Edited to include entire correspondence with David Gibbs III.

  14. Allie says

    I just found out about all of this a few days ago. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormon Church), the downfall of Doug Phillips has not disturbed my testimony of Christ or my doctrinal beliefs at all, but I pity those who have been within his close circle of influence.

    As it is, I’ve been quite upset because I liked so many of his ideas about Christian Manhood and chivalry, entrepreneurialism, mothers keeping hearth and home, Biblical femininity, the 200 Year Plan, etc. (I never could get the hang of patriarchy and thank goodness, my husband doesn’t want our relationship to be like that anyway.) But now it all seems to have been nothing more than a way to make money. Is that all any of it really was?

    Just curious: Can any of his collegues/cohorts be trusted? Have they renounced him? If his friends love him and if they care at all about the Christian pro-family movement they have created (minus some of the extremes), they should cut all ties and allow him to spend the rest of his life trying to make amends to his wife and children.

    The Botkin family?
    Scott Brown?
    Wade Meyers?
    Voddie Baucham?
    The Bradricks?
    Jennie Chancey?
    Stacy MacDonald?
    That Scottish fellow?
    The Duggars?

    If anybody could help me put a little closure on this, I would be grateful. Should I just have a big Vision Forum bonfire? (lol…but not really)


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