podcast series with Lisa Cherry from Frontline Moms Ministries on the sexual abuse of children and homeschooling families, part two

lisa cherry

Lisa Cherry from Frontline Moms
The protection of homeschooling children from the ravages of sexual abuse is one of the hot topics within homeschooling circles and for good reason. As much as we would love to be able to say this never happen in homeschooling families, sometimes it does. Join me as I continue my conversation with Lisa Cherry from Frontline Moms as we discuss real and biblical ways homeschoolers can protect their children in this age of rampant sexual perversity. To follow and participate in the upcoming week of events sponsored by Lisa and Frontline Moms, visit her website for the schedule of speakers. 

October 25, 2014
Interview with Lisa Cherry Part 2.

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  1. Nathan says

    After Adrian Peterson’s indictment for child abuse in September he said he had been spanked as a child and it’s just part of how he and his peers were raised. I realized I didn’t really know what the history of child abuse, so I embarked on some research to see if there was any evidence for parenting or discipline methods in past centuries.

    So in that light, please don’t view this as criticism of you or homeschool families, but just that I’m trying to pass along what the reality was for children.

    The most eye-opening source was Lloyd deMause’s The History of Childhood. You can find a reasonable summary written by him here http://www.psychohistory.com/htm/eln08_childrearing.html

    The short version: children have been abused physically and sexually for thousands of years, many times by their parents or at least with their parents knowledge. You said in the podcast that “I think, I believe that God placed families together to provide protection for children.” Families simply haven’t provided as much protection as you’d think, so I don’t see why families would suddenly start providing that protection. I implore you to look at the history of childhood so we can continue making children, people, families better places.

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