intricately woven


Scripture itself recognizes aspects of child development that wise parents will want to acknowledge and consider. Psalm 139, for example, describes the amazing, hands-on method God uses in creating each individual human being. We must approach the miraculous creation of a child in the womb, God’s secret hidden place, with awe and reverence. It is a holy, sacred act, set apart from how man creates. The Hebrew word “raqam” is used to explain the unique and particular way He makes each and every baby. It is used other places throughout Scripture to describe fine embroidery; it literally means skillfully woven in variegated colors! Verse 17 tells us that God’s thoughts of us are precious and infinitely valued because He has created each of us with a particular and divine purpose! No child is a mistake or not good enough. If these things are true, shouldn’t we use this as a beginning point for understanding and thus educating our children?

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