one danger of charter schools


Someone sent me a photo of a page from a charter school high school entrance exam. I don’t know the “right” answers for these questions; do you? Please, homeschoolers, do not trade your freedom to teach what is right and true for government dollars!

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  1. Jennfer says

    It is crap, I agree. Unfortunately, it isn’t just in the public school arena that our kids will see and hear this. It is coming from everywhere, and we cannot hide this from our kids. It needs to be age appropriate, of course, but we must address these issues with our children because they will get it from somewhere else if they don’t hear it from us. My upcoming senior has found a mission field at her performing arts charter school. There are some of God’s chosen people still waiting to hear the Truth there, and I’m so proud that she is being used of God to share it. She is able to create friendships and relationships with these students that I would have never been able to when I was her age because I was scared to death to even go near anyone who didn’t think like me. I’m glad I had the freedom to homeschool her as long as I did, and that God directed me when it was time to send her out on His behalf. It isn’t right for everyone, but it was right for my daughter.

  2. Kris says

    Oh heavens! Can’t understand why this is even part of an entrance exam! Has nothing to do with the four R’s! I didn’t know that some charter schools were doing this. A definite concern in education. I am thankful we homeschool and that there are other opportunities for classes elsewhere that we are taking advantage of. Somehow God provides the money for.

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