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I love to read and spend many hours doing so each day. It all started when I was in elementary school and received my first library card from Miss Minta Schoonover, the 90 year old librarian at the Farmington Public Library. The library was one block from the school and another block from my dad’s hardware store so I spent many hours perusing the shelves, checking out dozens of books each week.

Back then, I went through phases: horse stories, nurse stories, mysteries, and biographies. As an adult I have preferred missionary biographies, history books, theology, and social issues commentary to just about anything else. My own personal library holds over 5000 books and continues to grow as our family interests grow and change. I have books on many topics and some hold positions that are the complete opposite of what I believe, which has been so beneficial to me over the years! Though we do use some curriculum, I believe providing lots of “real” books for children to read is much more interesting and beneficial.

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The books I review here are mostly related to family life and I am including ones I highly recommend and that I have found so helpful along my own parenting journey. I am also including ones that come with the thatmom warning label: read at your own risk and with your Bible close by!

Some of the books I review I have only read one time. Many of them I have read several times and some of them I have read, studied, marked, and even sought out the authors for clarification when Scripture was used out of context or when the writings contradicted other published pieces by the same authors. Clarity of writing and thought process and adherence to the Word of God, the standard for all Truth, if the authors are professing Christians, is top in my list of criteria for a good book and my reviews reflect that.

On this site I also include books that address the application of sound doctrine because it is so very important for homeschooling mothers to be grounded in truth and discernment for the sake of our own children. I am trying to include some of the more popular books that are promoted to homeschoolers as well as commentary on the “homeschooling culture,” too. I will be adding to the list all the time so check back often.

Book reviews are subjective by their very nature. They are the impressions and opinions of the reader of the book and the author of the review. In my case, these book reviews reflect my 46 years as a Christian, 35 years as a full time wife and mom, 25 years as a homeschooler, and 10 years as a grandmother. Lord-willing, they also reflect my understanding of the Word of God and God’s grace in my life.

These days I have little tolerance for paradigm peddlers or those who seek to place even more heavy burdens on the backs of moms who are already overwhelmed with life. Sadly, this seems to be a phenomena that is rampant within the homeschooling community. Most of the moms I personally know are seeking to build Godly relationships with their husbands and children and are purposing to obey God’s one anothering commands rather than the commands of men (or women). If you are one of those moms, you will probably appreciate my thoughts on these books. If you are looking for a formula approach to relationships, you will probably be offended at what I have to say.

Over the years and after wandering down a few goofy rabbit trails, I have learned that genuine Christ-honoring relationships are based on the work of God in the lives of His children and that the sanctification process will not be complete until the Last Day. Until then, we are all a work in progress!