Passionate Housewives Desperate for God: 0 Stars

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Passionate Housewives Desperate for God by Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald: 0 Stars

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Since I have been a conservative Christian for 46 years and a housewife and homemaker for 35 years, have homeschooled a large family, and have grown children walking with the Lord, one might think that this book resonated with me and that I loved it. After all, I have spent most of my life living the life this book describes and would encourage other wives and mothers to do likewise. Serving a husband and family is an incredible and high calling.

But I was greatly disappointed in Passionate Housewives.

I believe the Word of God to be sure and true and applicable to all people in all times and in all places. In this book, Jennie Chancy and Stacy McDonald attempt to Americanize and Westernize Scripture, imposing their own worldview onto passages like Titus 2, instructing all women that it is a Biblical mandate, foreordained before creation, to live just like them.

One interesting theme that runs throughout the book, and that shouldn’t be taken lightly, is that anyone who is a Bible believing Christian, but who differs from them on any point concerning the roles of women, is a “white washed feminist” and is headed down a path to worst destruction than secular feminism has produced. This is poppycock.

You must remember that the authors are both hardcore Dominionists who believe in only one role for all women within the Kingdom of God, that is, to be wives and homemakers. They consider anyone outside that paradigm, single women, barren women, those women who have given their lives to missionary work, those who have already raised children, etc. to be outside the “prescriptive will of God,” indeed, they are said to be “blaspheming God’s name” (sinning) if they are not at home.

As with every book published by Vision Forum, there is a one-size-fits-all approach that teaches that family life centers around the father of the home, rather than Jesus Christ, making for a patriocentric lifestyle that is merely idolatry rather than genuine Biblical Christianity.

I would encourage any husband who sees his wife with this book in her hand, to take it immediately to his pastor and elders and ask for their opinion on the Biblical soundness of the teachings it contains. Ask your leaders about Dominion Theology and the National Center for Family Integrated Churches. Become a Berean, doing all that you can to understand the context in which this book was written and then decide how “Biblical” it is. To blindly accept this book as truth for all women without doing your homework will be to your own folly and that of your family.

For more insights into this book along with a list of questions I posed to the authors (still unanswered) be sure to check out this blog entry.

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