The Moore Books: 5 Stars

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The Moore Books by Dorothy and Raymond Moore: 5 Stars


One comment I often hear from those who are considering homeschooling is that they do not feel adequately prepared to teach their children at home. The education establishment has done a terrific job of communicating their belief that teacher certification is mandatory in order for the job to be done properly. In fact, most private Christian schools have even determined to hold their teachers to the same state standards as have the accrediting agencies.

After spending hours upon hours in teacher education classes and doing classroom observation while in college, teaching in those same classrooms, and listening and observing in many teachers’ lounges, I can say with confidence that a committed mother, no matter her education level or teaching background, is the best choice to teach her own children.

Raymond and Dorothy Moore knew this to be true as well. In order to encourage parents and to offer their support and encouragement, they authored several books that are, together, a mini-course in education and in actuality offer more practical information and instruction than you would find in any teacher education syllabus.

Here is a brief synopsis of some of their writings. Some of them can be found by ordering directly from the Moore Academy. You can also find them fairly inexpensively by going to or I would imagine that asking around at your local homeschooling support group will produce at least a couple of them IF your can get their owners to part with them!

Better Late Than Early ~ This is the premiere book that launched the modern day homeschooling movement. For decades state legislatures, backed by the National Education Association and teacher education colleges, have promoted lowering the required age for entrance into public education. Currently President Obama is pushing the same agenda, though without any solid research that supports doing so. In fact, the Moores studied over 8000 research projects that proved otherwise. This book is a great first book to read as an introduction to their philosophies and to education in general.

Home Grown Kids ~ This book is an invaluable tools for assessing the needs and characteristics of children during various stages of development. The back of the book states: “Do you really want to enjoy your child? Do you want him or her to have the best possible teacher and go to the best possible school? According to Raymond and Dorothy Moore, that teacher is you, the parent and that school can be your home. They have prepared this influential book to show how, by using the everyday resources and experiences of your own home environment, you can truly enjoy your child and give him or her a wholesome, first class education.”

Home Style Teaching ~ A Handbook for Parents and Teachers ~ This Moore book helps the parents implement many of the principles taught in the previous book using tried and true methods that work. This includes an emphasis on how to teach reading.

School Can Wait I and II ~ These books include the list of sources for the research the Moores used to prove their theories.

Home-spun Schools ~ Personal stories and testimonies of homeschooling families showing the different philosophies and methods in action.

The Successful Homeschool Handbook (can also be found under the title Homeschool Burn-out) ~ More personal stories that demonstrate the hows of homeschooling. Also, the Moores were able to identify concerns they had regarding the homeschooling culture and to offer suggestions on how to rectify or avoid those problems. (Reading this section will be prophetic to many who have been around homeschooling long enough to see the metamorphosis that has occurred.)

The Homeschool Primer by Kathy Kordenbrock and Judy Shewmake ~ Kathy is the daughter of Raymond and Dorothy Moore. These two homeschooling moms have written a wonderful primer for those who are considering homeschooling and for those who need to come back to the heart of what homeschooling should be. Seriously, this may be the best first book you can read! In this 24 page book, Kathie outlines the “Moore Formula” and gives many suggestions of books and resources. You can order your own copy from her for $4.95 by contacting me and I will forward your inquiry or e-mail to her.

For more information, be sure to listen to the series of podcasts I recorded with Kathie Kordenbrock and Ellen Dana, the Moore’s assistant and expert on early childhood education.

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